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Hey there, I'm Sarah! A dog obsessed wedding photographer, born + raised Alberta girl who loves to travel. Most days you can find me sipping a strong black coffee (or some days a glass of red wine), and hanging out with my dog Leo.

My photography journey began at 12 when I started doing photoshoots of my friends for fun with my Mom's old cameras. Ever since then my cameras have barely left my side. I love to work with people who are up for adventurers and like to have a little fun!  

Not only will I be there to capture your wedding day, but I want to help wherever I can. I’m the girl who will help your grandma with her lipstick, keep the bridal party on track, bustle your gown, fetch you champagne, and meet you on the dance floor. You can trust that I'll be your best wedding day sidekick, and we’ll have a heck of a party getting you hitched!!

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Sarah Thorpe Photography

Candid + Real Photography

Whether you picture yourself having an intimate elopement in the mountains or a 300 person wedding at your favorite local venue, I'm here for it – and ready to capture your story in all of its uniqueness.

I want to create photos of your day that are beautiful, but also authentically reflect the connection between you two.


On a wedding day, my goal is to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and to focus on the raw + real moments of your day.

A few of my favourite things ...
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